The journey makes the way.

The term "way" has always been used as a synonym for trip. When we have to congratulate a friend for a goal, we usually say "Turn around and to look how far you've gone!".

But our Way is not only our History. It is a set of challenges, goals but also satisfactions.

For these reasons, our work is never just a job. It is a route to face day by day with dedication and professionalism, qualities that during the years have made possible the realization of significant works by our company.

To mention a few, Autostrada Torino Savona (94-97 years), Tangenziale Anas of Asti  (2000s), Autostrada Asti - Cuneo (years 2003- 2006), Tangenziali Provincial Buttigliera d'Asti and Castelnuovo Don Bosco (2006 years -2007), Tangenziale Provinciale  Nizza Monferrato (2010-2012).

As constructors we focus strong attention to the environment. We made roads using natural materials present on site, saving placing tons of CO2 caused by the transit of trucks and heavy machinery. This is because "There is construction that is much more damaging than any destroy."

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