Earth Moving

Dust, mud and hard work ... but even as children one of most desirable jobs!

This is our core business and our passion.

Our added value reaches its peak when we can hand the power of our machineries together with experience in their conduct, as well as in-depth knowledge of the technique

Also although it is a sector seemingly simple, we make use of sophisticated technologies. Our topographic equipment are based on GPS technology that allow the creation of in-house projects adaptation . Even our machineries are equipped with GPS sensors, computer with dedicated software to be operated foolproof or even to operate in an automatic way.

Our earth movements are finalized mainly for construction of roads or pipelines, but any work in which are provided modeling of land, excavations, embankments, see us on the front row for its realization.

The proof is given by the millions of cubic meters moved for example for the construction of the reservoirs of landfills, for quarrying (strictly respect the environment by ensuring the recovery not only bureaucratic but effective), the regulation of the water of rivers or protection of the surrounding areas to the rivers themselves.

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