Garbage dump in Sommariva Perno (CN)

Earth Moving

We made some excavations to build reservoirs for the collection of municipal waste.

This in Sommariva Perno was one of the most rewarding experiences and one that has also made it clear how important it was to have in the company the ability to make independently of the measurement tasks ... Had we had GPS systems .... !! !!

Again over machinery and equipment properly sized and qualified personnel in manipulating the value added is the ability to meet the demands of the customer in terms of time, quality work created and resolution of the inevitable problems of buildings.

In this site the difficulties were:


  •     ensure ongoing monitoring of compliance with the project in the face of a very sustained progress of the excavation (in 45 days have been excavated more than 60,000 cubic meters respecting the slopes all cornering)
  •     ensure optimal support surface clay and waterproofing sheeting to prevent future environmental problems
  •     ensure effective compaction of clay on the walls even if they had a high slope
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