Picco Bartolomeo Srl

Our first 50 years of history.

The Picco Bartolomeo srl was officially born on 20/07/2001 from the contribution of the individual Picco Bartolomeo, incorporated on 01.10.1965 by Mr Bartolomeo Picco, still in force to the company as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Technical Director.

The Picco Bartolomeo performed mainly excavations and earthworks for the construction of pipelines aqueduct, as well as accommodation and reclamation of agricultural land.

The great impetus to the development was in the early 80s with the acquisition of important projects such as the construction of all earthworks, pipelines aqueduct, sewer and road works for Prison Inmates of Asti and Alessandria, and establishment of the glass factory “AVIR” in Quarto d'Asti.

In this period of great vitality, the company begins to that which has always been a top priority: the continuous investment in machinery, equipment and technological systems in order to achieve a level of quality of its production processes and works above the usual industry standard.

Thanks to this policy the company enjoys the credibility and technical expertise needed to further expand its portfolio work, arriving to acquire subcontracted in the 90s the construction of all earthworks, excavation, and the formation of the road embankment foundations of the ring road of Asti and two lots of the Turin – Savona highway.

In the years 2001/2002 the company plans several operations that were later proved to be fundamental to reinforce its strength both at the technical level and at the level organizational and administrative:

    July 2001: establishment of the Limited Liability Company with the contribution of the individual firm;

    October 2001: Obtaining the SOA attestation for the execution of public works (previously the company was registered in the National Register of Builders – A.N.C.);

    May 2002: start of the trial of the use of GPS technology for the relief of the land, the design and automation of construction equipment (first complete plant installed in Italy). The ring road of Villanova d'Asti and then a lot of Asti-Cuneo highway were the first sites to be managed with technology previously described.

    October 2002: Obtaining the certification of ISO 9001:2001

    November 2002: Acquisition business unit of Picco Costruzioni Sas operating mainly in mining

In this period the achievements of public works were of particular importance but were also performed work for clients with specific needs in the field of demolition of civil and industrial sectors due to technical capabilities, advanced equipment and preparation in the management of waste from this kind of activity.

All this has led to obtain a SOA certificate for public works including the civil and industrial construction, construction of roads, highways, bridges, railways, aqueducts, sewers and demolition, and also engineering nature works for total amounts of Euro 8,263,310.39.

The company has also updated its Quality Management System certification to ISO 9001: 2008 in the field in the earth moving, construction of roads and sewers.

Our strengths can be identified in:

    identifying the specific needs of clients (public and private)

    specialization in niche markets (demolition of civil and industrial buildings, recovery operations, non-hazardous waste from construction and demolition (DD010.04 activities authorized prot. 9166 of 29/11/2007), soil treatment with lime and cement)

    customer loyalty by ensuring execution of the works "turnkey", supporting customers before, during and after the execution of the work by managing the bureaucratic path through the implementation of any technical analysis, feasibility studies, any chemical analysis of materials, geological surveying activities, traceability of processes through the application of the Quality Management System, ...

The last years of activity were affected by a negative economic situation particularly in the infrastructure sector and the construction sector in general that led to the company's decision not to lower the level of quality even at the cost of a downsizing of the main budget numbers (value of production, personnel costs and useful).

This choice, possible only through the correct capitalization of earlier years, allows to select their clients by avoiding the risk of financial problems (in Italy both the public and private sector have a high degree of insolvency).

In addition, the company has decided to tackle this temporary situation by investing in the international market by participating in the formation of a company in one of the countries fastest growing community, Poland (at the time after about four years of activity we have already achieved in subcontracting for Mostostal SA and Budimex SA (both the largest general contractor operating in Poland) movements earth of three stretches of highways (A-4 motorway Tarnów-Rzeszow, Rzeszow lot Central - Rzezszow East, lot Debica Pustynia - West Rzeszow, Rzeszow West lot - Rzeszow Center) .

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